100% Organic Cold Pressed Juices

What makes this juice so magical is that the vegetables, fruits, and leaves are hydraulically pressed. This pressing action doesn't heat or oxidize the produce. The result is the most nutrients dense juice around, loaded with enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements. One bottle of Moon Juice is the closest thing you're going to get to 3 pounds of raw, 100% organic vegetables, herbs and fruit. The juices will be nutritionally stable and will not ferment for a good 3 to 4 days with proper refrigeration.

Beet Aid


Beet, Lime, Cucumber

Blood Building, Kidney Flushing, Stamina Creating

Burdock Daikon Citrine


Daikon, Burdock, Lemon, Green Apple

Purifying, Probiotic, Skin Cleansing, Decongestant

California Sun


Mixed Citrus

Cell Defending, Alkalizing, Bone Strengthening

Cantaloupe Nectarine


Cantaloupe, Nectarine

Anti-anxiety Tonic, Muscle Calming, Diuretic

Canyon Greens


Collards, Rainbow Chard, Parsley, Ginger, Celery, Cucumber

Bone Strengthening, Wound Healing, Lung Supporting, Energizing

Carrot, lime & coconut


Carrot, Coconut Meat, Lime, Ginger

Fat Flushing, Virus Fighting, Body Strengthening

Cilantro Celery Punch


Cilantro, Celery, Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger

Heavy Metal Detoxifying, Nerve Calming, Infection Fighting

Cucumber, pineapple & jalapeño


Cucumber, Pineapple, Jalapeño

Live Bromelain, Enzyme Power, Anti-inflammitory, Metabolism Boosting

Fennel, frond & herb


Fennel, Basil, Cucumber, Green Apple

Anti-bloating, Respiratory Soothing, Headache Taming, Skin Healing

Gingered Lemon


Ginger, Lemon, Green Apple

Detoxing, Tummy Soothing, Energizing, Immunizing

Golden Milk


Unpasteurized Almond Milk, Cold Pressed Turmeric Juice, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Raw Wildflower Honey

Anti-inflammatory, Liver Cleansing, Muscle & Bone Building

Goodness Greens


Kale, Dandelion, Parsley, Spinach, Celery

Alkalizing, Healing, Stimulating, Mood Lifting

Gracious Greens


Romaine, Spinach, Mint, Lemon, Cucumber

Deep Cleansing, Beautifying, Calming, Regulating

Honeydew, cilantro & lime


Honeydew, Cilantro, Lime

Skin Repairing, Heavy Metal Detoxifying, Kidney Flushing

Spiced Yam


Garnet Yam, Carrot, Red Apple, Cinnamon, Ginger

Hormone Balancing, Brain Powering, Heart Protecting, Mineralizing

Turmeric Gold


Turmeric Root, Red Apple

Pain Killing, Metabolism Boosting, Anti-oxidizing

Watermelon, tomatoes & lime


Watermelon, Tomatoes, Lime

Fights Free Radicals, Increases Blood Flow, Alkalizing


Aloe Vera


4 oz.

A medicine as well as a beauty tonic. It has lubricating effects on the joints, brain, skin, and nervous system, leaving you beautiful, flexible, limber, energetic, boosts your immune system and treats I.B.S.

e3 Live, Brain on


2 oz.

Organic, wild harvested blue green algae are a complete source of protein and amino acids. It’s brain chemical balancing, mood lifting, stress reducing, blood building, and energy boosting.



There’s a whole pound of organic ginger in every ounce of juice. Along with an incredible immunity boost, this shot will give pain relief, and has anti-nausea effects.

+ .10
Added power in immunity, headache relief, circulatory, and digestive health.

+ .25
Raw honey
Live healing enzymes, antibiotics and anti viral effects.

+ 1
Oil of Oregano
Target sinus congestion, colds, sore throats, and Candida.

Liquid Light


A natural fulvic acid mineral complex in liquid form that detoxifies heavy metals and pollutants. It’s also a powerful natural electrolyte that provides electrical and chemical balance within your cells.



per 5 billion

Moon juice’s live, unique, custom blend, is made for us in small batches ensuring maximum potency and vitality. We will serve you however many billion you desire to improve digestion, boost energy, detoxify the liver, and reduced sugar cravings. We strongly believe that probiotics are one of the most important additions you can make for overall health and tranquility.

Organic Coconut Juice
A wonderful base for your probiotic



Organic cold pressed turmeric root; blood and liver purifier, powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, digestive, heart protecter, we could go on and on…

Turmeric’s Cup


2 oz cold pressed turmeric, 2 oz cold pressed ginger, cayenne, raw honey.

100% Organic Moon Milk

Our almond milk is made from truly raw (unpasteurized), organic, California almonds. We sprout the almonds, water wakes the dormant almond, and we are able to press that stored life as well as a much higher vitamin, mineral, micronutrient, and enzyme content out of the seed and into your milk. The water we use to make the milk is pure, mineralized, and alkaline. After squeezing every last drop of milk out of the almonds we add a pinch of mountain salt, and the rest is your very own adventure!

Banana Walnut

$8 / $12

Walnut Butter, Banana, Maca, Lucuma, Almond Milk, Yacon Syrup

Bee Pollen

$8 / $12

Bee Pollen, Coconut Butter, Hemp Seeds, Wildflower Honey, Vanilla Bean, Almond Milk

Date Shake

$8 / $12

Dates, Almond Butter, Maca, Coffee Bean, Cardamom, Almond Milk

Deep Chocolate

$8 / $12

Cacao, Maca, Cinnamon, Almond Milk, Stevia or Coconut Nectar

Green Shake

$9 / $15

Green Juice, Frozen Organic Bananas, Unpasteurized Almonds

Mint Chip

$8 / $12

Ormus Greens, Maca, Mesquite, Mint Extract, Cacao Nibs, Almond Milk, Stevia or Coconut Nectar

Vanilla Fig

$8 / $12

Turkish Figs, Vanilla Bean, Lucuma, Almond Milk, Stevia or Coconut Nectar

Yam Julius

$8 / $12

Spiced Yam Juice with Ginger & Cinnamon, Lucuma, Tocotreinols, Almond Milk

Alchemize Your Own 100% Organic Elements

$5 / $9

Super Foods

+ 1.50
Bee Pollen
The most complete food, alkalizing, aphrodisiac, builds muscle, and aids exercise recovery.

+ 1
Cacao Nib / Cacao Powder
Both nib and powder lift mood, increase brain flow and focus, helps battle fatigue, and suppresses the appetite.

+ 2.50
Epic Protein
23 grams of organic, sprouted, fermented whole brown rice protein. 98% correlated to the Amino Acid profile of mother’s milk.

+ 1
Smooth and creamy flavor, helpful in wound healing, tissue regeneration, skin aging, as well as having anti-inflammatory effects.

+ 1
Nutty caramel flavor, effectively treats Thyroid problems, Chronic fatigue, depression, anemia, lack of libido, stress, fertility issues, PMS, immunity, and poor memory.

+ 1
Sweet, malty flavor that is very low glycemic, high in fiber, aids in sugar metabolism, contains protein, vitamins, minerals and lysine.

+ 1.50
Organisms that quickly re-colonize your intestines with good bacteria to defend the body against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and yeast, assist in assimilation of nutrients, improve digestion, kill a sweet tooth, increase energy, and cleanse the liver.

+ 3
Sun Warrior Protein
17 grams of rich, raw, vegan, plant based, whole food protein. Made with the synergy of peas, cranberries, hemp, and coconut.

+ 2.50
Ormus Greens
Mild and delicious, Made from live, bio-available. Probiotic greens grown in soil loaded with platinum, gold, silver and ormus trace minerals giving it a magnetic property, which increases the vibration and frequency of those who consume it.

+ 1
Whole food complex, concentrated source of bio-available vitamin E, antioxidant, cancer fighter, immune system booster, benefits brain function, cell integrity and healthy cholesterol levels.


+.50 Coconut Nectar
+1.25 Medjool Dates
+.25 Wildflower Honey
+.50 Stevia
+1.25 Yacon Syrup

Nut Butter,Seeds & Spice

+2.50 Almond Butter
+2 Walnut Butter
+1.50 Coconut Butter
+1 Almonds
+1.50 Brazil Nuts
+.50 Chia Seeds
+.50 Hemp Seeds
+1 Vanilla Bean
+.25 Cinnamon


+1 Frozen Bananas
+2 Turkish Apricots
+2 Turkish Figs


We have a full cleanse program! More information available here.


Processed in an environment where nuts are used and handled.