Juice cleansing is a way to enable the body to naturally go into detox mode while at the same time flooding it with live nutrients and enzymes. As we live, eat, and breath we accumulate toxins in the body. Its important to take the time to release ourselves of these toxins, as they lead to problems with both the body and the mind. We spend an enormous amount of energy on the constant strain of digestion. When we stop eating solid food our organs are no longer tied up, and all that blood and energy is free to move to the brain, the skin, the liver, etc. we are able to attend to neglected issues our body hasn’t had time to properly attend to, we remove toxins, and are given a rest. All the while you are flooding yourself with over 20 pounds of 100% organic, raw produce.

Our cleanses are made to support your body in its own detoxification process as you go about your routine. We provide 7 juices and an almond milk, this is a nurturing and healing daily dose of juice, this is a time to support your body not deprive it or stress it out. We like to think of this as a juice feast, a holiday for the body, the ultimate indulgence.

Some signs that it is time to cleanse are: a weakened immune system, troubled skin, allergies, low moods or anger, sleeplessness, poor digestion, weight gain, low energy, and just feeling and looking blah.


We recommend that before you begin a cleanse you start by cutting out some things a few days before the juice begins:

Caffeine | Alcohol | Nicotine | Refined sugar | Animal products | Wheat

If you can spend these few days eating raw foods, broths, sea vegetables, juices, smoothies, and drinking lots of water it will only lead to a more comfortable and graceful cleanse.

Before you cleanse is a good time to schedule your colonic. Its not a must, but it’s highly recommended. It’s an effective, fast way to release a lot of toxins. Colonics are very effective in helping with any flu like symptoms, headaches, light-headedness or moodiness that may arise while de toxing.


While cleansing we recommend some things that will make your journey more enjoyable. We strongly urge you to drink all of your juices everyday, either in a constant drip or by setting an alarm to have a juice at least every two hours.

Continue to drink water or any herbal teas you may desire.

It’s a good idea to stay warm, you may feel colder while cleansing. Be sure to bundle up if you feel chilly, take a warm bath!

Give yourself the time and space to rest. there is a lot of cleaning and healing going on below the surface. Listen to yourself, if you feel a bit run down then take it easy!

Some easy ways to aid your body in it’s process of releasing toxins include: sweating (be sure not to let that toxic sweat sit on your skin, rinse off, or you will reabsorb them), exfoliating your skin, moving (this could mean strolling or your regular excersize routine), stretching, and deep breathing.

Once you have gotten through those first big detox days and are drenched in live nutrients you will experience a sharp clarity, a grounded calm, a sense of weightlessness, and a natural energy from within. Sleep will come easily and be deep, rising will feel effortless, and the days in between will flow. You will be charged on revived excitement and stamina. Your skin will glow, your eyes will shine, your body’s weight will balance, and you will be buzzing with health.


Coming off of a cleanse properly is an important part of the whole picture. For the first day its best to just add soups and smoothies. In the folowing few days you want to come down from the cleanse the way you prepared for it , eating cleanly and avoiding those same items.


Colon Hydrotherapy

We recommend supplementing your juice cleanse with a colonic. This is a safe and effective way to aid and accelerate the release of the toxic waste that your body will release into your colon while cleansing. Colon hydrotherapy is a process of gently filling the colon with warm filtered water, as the water is flushed out it carries with it any material that has built up in the large intestine, including toxins, waste and trapped gasses. This is a painless, simple and sterile, clinical procedure.


Katie Day has over 14 years of experience in coaching thousands through their transformation and cleansing. Committed to the true psycho-emotional aspects of clearing toxins, she works to unpeel the layers physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Katie is an expert in helping you attain your vitality and longevity goals with ease and grace. She will give counsel and support during your Moon Juice Cleanse. You may create a tailored program that suits your personal cleansing needs. this can include properly integrating food back into your diet, detoxifying bodywork, and yogic technology. whatever you personally need to make this experience a life-changing one.


Cleanses are not intended for use by minors, pregnant or nursing women, individuals with any type of health condition or users of prescription drugs. Such individuals are specifically warned to seek professional medical advice prior to initiating any form of weight loss effort or regimen. Moon juice is not a medical organization and our staff cannot give you medical advice or diagnosis. Any information garnered from us should not be interpreted as a substitute for a physician’s consultation, evaluation, or treatment.